Prof Robin Chandler – editorial board member

Robin is Professor Emeritus of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies at Northeastern University, USA.

A social scientist and gender specialist Chandler’s research in international development is focused on 21st century higher education, gender equality, post and neo-colonial studies, arts and culture, and race and cultural competency in nations undergoing rapid social, political, and economic change.

During her  ‘South African period’ (1993-2000, roughly) she said it was like a dream. “I met the best and brightest; sat to dine at Nadine Gordimer’s table with David Koloane and Helen Sebidi, did residencies in CT and Joburg, promoted the Peace Doors Project everywhere, taught at Wits for a year as a Fulbright Scholar, was there during the T& R Commission Hearings, watched DeKlerk get completely outclassed during the Presidential debates (pretty funny actually), and traveled to all the provinces and much of Southern Africa, but mostly listened.”

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