Wedding of Ken Saro-Wiwa’s youngest daughter – Singto on 23 August 2017

At the wedding on 23 August 2017  of Ken Saro-Wiwa’s youngest daughter , Singto, to Charles Ogunleye in Farnham ,Surrey.(Ken Saro-Wiwa you will recall was the famous champion of the Ogoni people and the spokesman against the destruction of their habitat by the indiscriminate dumping of oil waste the  from Shell operations. He was eventually executed by the military dictator Sani Abacha.)

This was a very happy occasion and the bride appeared blissfully happy as can be seen in the photographs. Such happiness cannot be force or simulated. I was talking with my good friend the groom’s father Eng Lawrence Ogunleye and his close friend Mr Banjo. Mr Ogunleye in his opening words spoke eloquently about the bride’s father the renowned Ken Saro-Wiwa recalling their days together at university. He regaled the audience with tales of the young Ken as outspoken and forthright then as he became known for later. After so many mishaps it is pleasing to see good fortune shine on the Saro-Wiwa family.

It was an event for close family and friends as every effort was made to keep out any Nigerian politicians  who would like to grand stand at the event for their own media and popularity.

During the customary  reality show quizz ( this is now much a habit at Nigerian weddings) where the bride and groom are asked questions to reveal how well they know each other. Singto proved by far the most diplomatic (putting up both hands when asked which  party apologised first after a quarrel!) Charles was a quick study  and apart from graciously putting himself down was the perfect gentleman. The MC  was quite merciless and one of the groom side promised to ‘deal with him’ afterwards.  They were last seen trying to out drink each other. The bride and groom then went through their dance steps with skill and enthusiasm.

My congratulations to the families of Ken Saro Wiwa and Ogunleye. I trust the new Mrs Ogunleye will calmly ignore all monstrous predictions of triplets!

I wish the couple every happiness or as the Italians eloquently put it ‘may all their troubles be little ones’.