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'..The friends we have lost do not repose under the ground...they are buried deep in our hearts. It has been thus ordained that they may always accompany us...'- Alexandre Dumas - Diaspora


African century journal   ISSN 2514-5673

I am a man, nothing human is alien to me‘ – Terence the African.

This peer-reviewed journal was started in 1999 at the dawn of the 21st Century.

This is our seventh  issue of the relaunched journal.

In this issue our focus  is on ‘constructed silences’. Matters which Western academia has chosen to not mention. This can be distracting for Black scholars who think they have a mission to tell Western academia what they think they have forgotten and wonder why the results of their efforts are universally abysmal.

We look at the wok of Gerald Horne and Charles Mills, we look at the rights and  role of women in ancient Africa. We consider the place of the French Revolution in Kant’s thinking and how the French abolition of slavery has become a well kept ‘constructed silence’. Then we turn to Calvinism and Armenianism. This latter is the first step in a complex argument about the place of genocide in early  Protestant thinking.

Come and join us!

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