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African century journal   ISSN 2514-5673

I am a man, nothing human is alien to me‘ – Terence the African.

This peer-reviewed journal was started in 1999 at the dawn of the 21st Century

ISSUE 3, SERIES 2. October 2023

This issue is exclusively focussed on international taxation. Certainly, this is not a topic to gain widespread popularity. However, it is an extremely important topic. Access to it would normally be difficult even near impossible. But the world is changing and doors are being opened. Africans must learn about international taxation because it is so important. Governments spend money but almost only after obtaining it from taxation. It is also important for non-Africans so welcome!

May 2023

We are changing the scheduling from quarterly to a ‘Series’ with Issues. This is now Series 2 and Issue 2. There are so many global issues developing and needing a response that we would welcome helpers. This issue focusses on the Netflix controversy and its true meaning. This world is changing and fast, and we need to participate and not just be an audience.

PS We have moved the hosting and are in the process of refreshing the site. In the meantime some disruption is likely and some users may find their login details need to be refreshed. Apologies for any inconvenience.

March 2023

So much is happening that we have challenges keeping up to date. I have traveled to Society for Classical Studies annual meeting in New Orleans, USA where I met many leading classics scholars who were very supportive of our agenda of breaking down the barriers between Egyptology and classics. We have also been working on reform of the International Tax agenda and supported a public revolt at the UN where Nigeria led 54 African countries rejecting the role of OECD. In this, they were supported by South America and Asia so a vote for reform was passed at the UN by something like 130  vs 30. There followed a call for a new International Economic Order passed by approximately the same numbers. There will be articles in this journal detailing and explaining what was happening. Clearly, a new age is emerging and African Century Journal intends to be in the midst of it all.