Great Quotes
I have always had more dread of a pen, a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper than of a sword or pistol. - Alexandre Dumas

September 2021 issue

1. Reclaiming Kemet

Ancient Egypt has for a long time been seen through Western eyes. This has led to serious misinterpretations  Ancient Egypt holds the key to the healing of Africa from its cultural genocide and also the key to healing the contemporary world from the ravages of neoliberalism and the cul de sac of Western culture, a cul de sac that has been extended globally. African scholars are needed but at present are largely absent from such scholarly engagements.

2. US Declares cyberwar on China

Understanding US diplomatic language makes it clear that the US is already engaged in cyberwar against China. As typical of US diplomatic language, they state that China is currently at cyberwar with the US… thus justifying their own actions on the basis ‘they started this first’. China confirms that it is under cyber attack and request the US to stop. This is dangerous territory.

3. Appiah and the Chinese Immigrant

In many ways, Appiah’s approach to Africa is based on certain Western tropes. Accidentally Appiah extends these tropes to China being totally ignorant of Chinese history or society. China which acknowledges over 50 different ethnicities is only one ethnicity in the eyes of Westerners e.g. ‘all Chinese look alike’. This article exposes the racism involved in the Western tropes and Appiah’s total lack of sensitivity and knowledge about that which he writes so confidently.

4. Anachronism and archaism in Western Egyptology

This article explores the attempt by Wester Egyptologists to ‘own’ ancient Egypt, to name paces as they please and to breach at will fundamental academic protocols. The primary text translation is shown to be deliberately mistranslated to ensure ancient Egyptians look strange and possibly stupid.


Jan Assmann and the misreading of African philosophy:  the entanglements of Egyptology.

Western Egyptology has managed to preserve its hold over the manuscripts of ancient Kemet and have managed to persuade most of the western philosophers that there was nothing worth reading by presenting a text that made no sense. Jan Assman I am told is the only Egyptologist with an interest in philosophy. However, Assman appears to have neither a deep interest or any training in the subject. In order to debunk ancient Egypt Assmann has to portray Plato and other classical Greek philosophers as dupes and fools. So desperate are Western Egyptologists to debunk ancient Egypt they are willing to disparage many of the greatest Western philosophers.


Systematic Mistranslation: a problematic in Egyptology

This is an exercise in reductio ad absurdum. Much of the basic translation of ancient Egyptian are truly appalling. They depart from basic rule of translation by interpreting texts in the light of views and theories not only of later times but far different places and peoples. This article takes the basic terms of ancient Egyptian – Maa Kheru, and following the typical rule adopted by Western Egyptologists arrives at an absurd conlusion.