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I have always had more dread of a pen, a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper than of a sword or pistol. - Alexandre Dumas

[:en]September 2018 issue[:]

[:en]Welcome to the september 2018 issue. We have a wide variety of issues and several will be followed up with sequels.

    1.Haiti misconceived_ Misreading Toussaint’s capture      There is a standard interpretation of the capture of Tousssint L’Ouverture which involves the old wily fox, veteran of endless successful campaigns against French, Spanish and British forces, being openly tricked by the French General Leclerc despite numerous explicit warnings.Yet this story simply does not add up. This paper approaches the issue as a strategic challenge faced by a master strategist and offers an alternative explanation that unlike the standard explanation accords with known statements of Toussaint.

    2.Evolutionary psychology and the mathematics of choice_ a critique of David Buss  This paper – Part1 of a multi -part report, focusses on the hidden assumptions behind David Buss’ work and seeks to show that the model is self referential and that the testing does not take into account many simple factors in human mate selections such as access to resource as against income where there is no genetic trait involved in such access. It uses a simple mathematical case study to show how human choice as an individual could quite legitimately be vastly different from the summation of population choices while better reflecting actual human conduct.&nbsp

    1. 3.Biological and Chemical Warfare- an African perspective part-1  Part 1 of a review of Biological and Chemical Warfare and its potential impact on Africa. This part summarises the history of BCW and raises the elementary questions of preparedness and ability to detect and protect first line defenders.&nbsp

    4.mnc africa and tax cheating  Africa receives large amounts of Aid from rich countries, most of which comes with extensive and substantive strings attached. At the same time a much ​ larger ​ amount of tax revenues are lost from the behaviour of Western MNC’s. This paper explores the options available to African legislators. This paper was originally written in 2007 and circulated privately. I tokk every opportunity to challenge companies and UK Ministers. Since then UK government (David Cameron) has through HMRC ad Dfid made efforts to enable African tax authorities to counter the adverse behaviour of Western mnc and has sought cooperation from other Western countries including France