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'..The friends we have lost do not repose under the ground...they are buried deep in our hearts. It has been thus ordained that they may always accompany us...'- Alexandre Dumas - Diaspora

Author Guidelines | Information.

Original contributions are welcome on any topics of interest to Africa and the Diaspora.

We recommend the APA reference style.


Grady, J. S., Her, M., Moreno, G., Perez, C., & Yelinek, J. (2019). Emotions in storybooks: A comparison of storybooks that represent ethnic and racial groups in the United States. Psychology of Popular Media Culture8(3), 207–217. https://doi.org/10.1037/ppm0000185

  • Parenthetical citation: (Grady et al., 2019)
  • Narrative citation: Grady et al. (2019)


Attention should be paid for work to be accessible to non-specialists. While there are no specific length requirements, excessive lengths should be avoided.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed and a response should be provided within 2 months.

Proposed papers should be sent to the editor at oladapo.ladimeji@cantab.net