Quote of the week
'..The friends we have lost do not repose under the ground...they are buried deep in our hearts. It has been thus ordained that they may always accompany us...'- Alexandre Dumas - Diaspora

About us

Professor Ade- Ajayi  and Dennis Brutus were among the  founding members of the Editorial Board. Both were good friends and  both are dearly missed.

Dennis Brutus whom I met in London as a young man was a warm and encouraging comrade. He was also absurdly supportive. It is Dennis  on his appointment to a professorship at Northwestern  recommended that I give a series of lectures that he had been invited to give.  On his recommendation I was offered the  opportunity. Dennis forgot to mention that his substitute had not yet been to university though by the time I gave the lectures I was an undergraduate at Cambridge University.  I did not disappoint as  University of Westminster kept me on to teach for the next ten years even after the discovered my status. To be fair, Cambridge University allowed me to supervise research on African literature even though I was only myself an undergraduate. Many years later after South Africa’ independence there was a conference in London at which Dennis would be speaking. I had to attend. Having not  seen Dennis for over fifteen years I was convinced he would not remember me. I fretted that I would only embarass myself as I wandered up the steps of the Commonwealth Institute when a voice boomed out of the darkness ‘Dapo!’ I looked up at a white haired older man who shouted ‘Don’t you recognise me, its Dennis!’

Prof Ade Ajayi stood for all the values that meant so much to me as a young man and as a City professional, a partner with a major firm, I ensured he had the services of my firm gratis. To my astonishment my admiration was reciprocated. To my immense pleasure his family described me as an adopted son at his funeral.

Professor Ifi Amadiume (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ifi_Amadiume) presented poetry for the  first issue. Her commitment to Africa and African women is renowned.

Editorial Board:

Dapo Ladimeji (Chair)

Dr Wes Morris

Prof Robin Chandler