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Professor Winston Mano – editorial board member

Winston Mano is full professor at the Communications and Media Research Institute (CAMRI) of the University of Westminster.

Winston Mano, among many  publications,  has authored in and edited the following books: (2023) Media Ownership in Africa in the Digital Age: Challenges, Continuity and Change (with Loubna El Makaour); (2021) Routledge Handbook of African Media and Communication Studies (with viola c. milton), (2020)Social Media and Elections in Africa (with Martin N. Ndlela), Vol 1 & 2:

His research interests include Afrokology, Decoloniality; African radio, music, media audiences, new media and democracy, China- African media relations, African democracy and development. After he joined CAMRI he became Director of the Africa Media Centre and helped establish the CAMRI Africa Media Series of conferences on ‘Reporting Zimbabwe: Before and After 2000’ (2005), ‘Media and Social change in Africa’ (2006), ‘Media and Democracy in Africa’ (2007) and the ‘Media and Development in Africa’ (2008); ‘African-Arab Media Audiences’ 2009, ‘Racism, Ethnicity and the Media in Africa’ (2010), “Youth, Children and the Media in Africa” (2011), “ICTs and Social Change in Africa” (2012), “Public Service Broadcasting in Africa” (2013), African Film and Politics (2013) and The Media and Elections in Africa (2014). Mano has previously researched for the World Association of Newspaper (WAN) (2010).