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I have always had more dread of a pen, a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper than of a sword or pistol. - Alexandre Dumas

June 2020 issue

In this issue we focus on the impact of racism on Covid-19 management. We also look at one US philosopher’s attempt to mis-describe ‘racism’. There is a common link. ‘Racism’ is used in both a s a means to distract and cover up criminal behaviour.

Covid-19 and ethnicity in US/UK

There has been much, perhaps deliberate, misinformation about Covid-19 and race. Close investigation by UK’s foremost independent scientists reveal facts that are both astonishing and criminal. We reveal policies of deliberate discrimination in not protecting health workers from minority ethnic areas. 95% of doctors who died in NHS in UK are from BAME backgrounds – that is not a statement about virology but a criminal statistics about health management. This outrageous behaviour also is apparent in US. The chickens may be coming hoe to roost in that now there is a subsequent wave of Covid-19 but health workers are hard to find for the money and Nightingale hospitals in UK cannot be staffed. The usual hunting grounds for health workers in ethnic minority communities may have dried up. Who wants to be sacrificed? Volunteers?

2. Joshua Glasgow: How not to think about ‘racism’.

This article argues that the most popular concept of racism conceals more than it reveals and intrinsically blames the victim while concealing its roots in a Western genocidal project. This popular concept is not only incoherent but it would also absolve Heydrich of racism.