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I have always had more dread of a pen, a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper than of a sword or pistol. - Alexandre Dumas

March 2022 issue

This March issue includes a lengthy article on the history of Western self description which emerges from the underlying Western game plan against the rest of the world. It is an eschatology as it focusses on how the history of the world should end. This semi-secular end of times is fully documented but the role of Western academia in concealing it from the rest of the world needs examining. From time to time scholars of all ethnicities and political persuasions sought to expose it but were quietly sidelined.

For any scholar seeking to research these areas there is an issue arising from the distasteful nature of many of these texts. This article addresses these issues and recommends approaches that allow a researcher to remain calm and effective, to not be drawn emotionally into the text. As the article emphasises – it is not about you! Most of the time when an author like Hume makes outrageous comments about the Irish or Africans it was part of a local political controversy in a local context which is often now ignored. Hume, in particular, made comments and deliberately avoided dealing with those who sought to bring counter evidence to him. Here the scale of his bad faith has to be understood. It is most likely that neither Hume nor Kant believed what they wrote, but both believed their statements would have beneficial consequences, that is to say beneficial to their group. Similarly with Heidegger.

Emergence of Western Eschatology