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I have always had more dread of a pen, a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper than of a sword or pistol. - Alexandre Dumas

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[:en]I am a man, nothing human is alien to me‘ – Terence the African.

This peer-reviewed journal was started in 1999 at the dawn of the 21st Century

We aimed at providing life changing thinking on Africa and the diaspora  at a time when a stale orthodoxy ruled the Black academy. We had the support of two great friends- Prof Jacob Ade-Ajayi ( and Dennis Brutus ( who joined the  founding Editorial Board. Prof Ade-Ajayi was Africa’s foremost historian and  Dennis Brutus, a fabulous South African poet  (and fighter against apartheid who spent time on Robben Island in a cell next to Mandela). At the time the Editor had a full time role as partner in a City firm and the  journeying around the world consequent on the launch of the first issue made a second issue impossible! However the need for an independent and forthright journal has not gone away and it is a great pleasure to relaunch the journal. This is a journey that has to be taken collectively. There are so many issues that affect Africa and the diaspora which are not being carefully addressed.

We are planning   a regular publication schedule and welcome original ideas and contributions.

With the passing of the generation that  brought about the independence of South Africa and the emergence of Africa on  the world stage the baton has passed and must not be dropped.  Despite the world’s negativity many great things are happening on the continent and it is our duty to applaud and shape that future.  This journal and the pages on it will be a testimony to that commitment.

Come and join us!

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