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Series 2: issue 1

We have faced many challenges post Covid with maintaining our publication schedule. Many other issues and challenges have arisen. Most of these arise from positive developments requiring immediate attention. Together with many colleagues, we have been engaged with OECD and the international tax community. More anon.

We are now changing from quarterly scheduling to Series/Issues and this issue will be Series 2 /Issue 1 with no particular temporal scheduling for the time being.

This issue focuses on Vladimir Putin and his Valdai speech as a reflection of many issues arising in Russia. From an African point of view the core issues is how Russia sees itself. Centuries of pursuit of an European identity to no particular good purpose may move towards an acceptance of their EurAsian cultural and historical circumstance.

Russia has so many bridges to the rest of the world, many of which the Europhiles have hidden or misdecribed. Pushkin’s African ancestry is a huge welcome mat to Africans, but is largely ignored. There are many other welcome mats available. This article is a first pass, first review of the issues facing Russia in adjusting to the new world , to the new wave of history.

PUTIN: Russian Intellectuals and their abusive relationship with the West.



April 2023