Andrew Roberts: Might makes Right.

Roberts1 suggests in a recent article that one should consider the post war large -scale population transfers. I presume that  he does not consider the population transfers of Jews to Israel or to concentration camps as an acceptable model. He asks the Palestinians to accept their displacement as ‘an irreversible historical fact’ .  This is an astonishing statement for a historian.  The juxtaposition of ‘irreversible’ and ‘fact’ reveals the deep deceit. Whether the change is ‘irreversible’ is an opinion not a fact. There is nothing about a population displacement that is physically ‘irreversible’.

By quoting many examples of injustice he does not prove any point, nor does he establish that those populations invariably ‘accepted’ their displacement as legitimate. In 19th century Europe popular nationalism recreated ancient kingdoms such as Italy and Greece. The Austrian Empire broke up into its constituent nationalities.  Basque and Corsican liberation movements evidence that ‘irreversible’ is in the eye of the beholder. Scottish nationalism, Welsh nationalism,  Irish nationalism all remind us that  what has been done may be undone.

One wonders sometimes whether Roberts has left this earth. He mentions that some Viet Namese boat people who fled famine to the US now have successful lives. It does not follow that any of them wished their country had lost the war. Many Irish fled Ireland due to famine. 2 Would that have been justification for continued British rule?  To suggest that voluntary migration is the equivalent of voting against one’s own country is rather astonishing. Half a million  British people emigrate from  the UK each year. Is this proof that they would be happy if Germany had won the war? 1.2 million Germans emigrated from Germany  in 2022.3

If people had heeded Roberts point of view apartheid South Africa would remain as would racist Rhodesia and an independent Ireland would not exist.

Roberts is not above simple gross propaganda. He characterises the Palestinians’ main object is wiping out Israel and killing Jews rather than seeking their own homeland. This from a distinguished historian is reaching the rock bottom of absence of integrity. In fact, the word that comes to mind is: bigotry.


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