Bishop Kukah’s silence on sexual abuse of children in Nigeria by Catholic priests

Bishop Kukah

Jean-Marc Sauve has written about the sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church over many decades. His report estimated that 350,000 children over the years have been subject to sexual abuse by members of the Catholic Church since the 1950’s.

“The most terrible thing for me was to see the most absolute evil – the attack on the physical and psychological integrity of children – that is to say a work of death, perpetrated by people whose mission was to bring life and salvation, ”he emphasizes. (Note 1)

It is implausible that all this abuse should be restricted to France given the circulation of Catholic priests throughout the world.

So the question arises: what has happened in Nigeria? Who has investigated the abuse of Nigerian children by Catholic priests? This is a stain on the reputation of the Nigerian press and the Nigerian Catholic Church. We have written about this before (Note 2).

Bishop Kukah has remained silent on this issue even while basking in glory over his concern for human rights. What does it mean to complain about human rights abuse by Nigerian governments and remain silent about the abuse in his own institution? 

Are there Nigerian children who need therapy and assistance? By not knowing does not make the answer nil.