[:en]Boston Museum of Fine Arts discovers Ancient Egyptians were Europeans- shame on you![:]

[:en]I visited the Boston Museum on a recent trip to US. It was a very pleasant experience as was the general trip to Boston. Many of my friends were caught up in Red Sox vs Yankee game. Well done Boston!

My great disappointment however was listening to an audio track which described the ancient Egyptians as having pale skins. This particular track was so absurd it really brought into question the quality control at BMFA.  This track claimed that  of two reliefs the one with colouring showed ancient Egyptian men with dark skins and the one without showed ancient Egyptian women  with white skins. It then stated the difference arose because the men worked outside and became tanned while the women remained inside.

This utter absurdity  is that these figures were high nobility or members of the royal family and the so-called ‘pale’ skins reflected  areas where all pigment had eroded and we saw the pure stone. That members of the Royal Family ‘worked outside’ is an absurdity beyond measure. In any case we all know that ancient Egyptians were Africans and  it is just that some have a vested interest pretending otherwise. This suggests that some members of the alt.right are living and working happily inside the Boston museum. We would expect Boston Museum of Fine Art not to stoop so low as to  suggest ancient Egyptians  were European though.[:]