[:en]Carnival – Notting Hill 27 August 2018 – under appreciated contributions[:]

[:en]Carnival in the summer in  Notting Hill is an annual fixture. It has been an event attracting visitors from all over Europe. It is a joyous celebration of Caribbean spirit. Quite fabulous costumes (Fig 1 -2 ) are on display as are sounds systems blaring calypso, reggae and other Caribbean music. There is an important  political  issue here – the amount of foreign earnings  arising from the music produced by those of Caribbean descent in UK and the failure of the UK government to reward that community with investment and recognition for its contribution allowing the community to be presented regularly as not contributing to the UK’s wealth and international status – this is scandalous. The London Olympics showcased many leading  artistes from the Caribbean and African communities but no real acknowledgement in pounds and shillings resulted.

fig 2

If you live in the Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove areas  balcony/roof top parties are de-rigeur. Friends come over, sip punch , admire the floats, listen to music bands and have a gas. (fig 3).

fig 3

If you are not aware of the scale of the festival this image might help – remember this is only a part of it! (fig 4)-

fig 4

a view from the top of Ladbroke Grove – perhaps a quarter of the circuit. The festival lasts two days and the weather was marvellous. Inevitably all good things come to an end (fig 5).

fig 5