Democrats: do they secretly want to loose?

I am not speaking of ALL democrats but of some powerful cabal within the Democratic Party. Why should they want to loose? That is the wrong question. We have to ask: under which circumstances do they want to win? 

Here the question arises whether if they could only win by changing their agenda would they rather loose? We have had a similar play in the UK where it is alleged that a strong party group in the Labour Party deliberately sought to loose the elections in order to get rid of the leader and his agenda. This tactic backfired, but so be it.

So we have part of the Democratic Party that wishes to change the personnel but not the policies. They wish to replace Trump but not to come up with dramatic new policies. They will of course claim that such policies will not win elections but that is not their point at all. They simply don’t want these policies come what may and prefer to loose the election than change their policies.

Basically the Democratic Party power brokers want a return to the world pre-Trump. Everything as it was but no Trump. That is why impeachment was a fixation rather than developing policies that would mobilise the voters.

Is there any evidence of this. Consider the Democratic Party response to BLM. This has been utterly shameful. A bunch of legislator supporting protests? They should be kicked out. They are legislators and if they support protests it must be in the form of proposed legislation or policies.  All we hear are  pretty words. Consider if after 2008 the legislators said they supported protests against the banks? We would all be sickened. But this pathetic abandonment of their principal role is given a free pass by the mainstream press. 

MLK did not ask President Johnso to express support but to pass legislation. 

This is key: if  President Trump signaled tough new legislation to punish police violence  the protests would stop. Democrats could point out that rather than proposing policies and legislation to stop police violence President Trump is sending in the miitia.  (We have snatch squads on the streets of US. This is a technique coming home as it was the US army that trained South American dictators in these techniques). Why do the democrats not propose legislation? Because they do not want to get elected on such a platform as they don’t want to pass it themselves.

To this extent Trump is clearly leading: he has recognised that the world has changed and the old game no longer applies. It is the Democrats that continue to seek a return to the old normal. Are we watching a requiem?