Nordstream: Do the neo-cons think we are all stupid?


There is much astonishment about the behaviour of the neo-con establishment and the different stories being told about Nordstream. There is also astonishment at the scale of lies and deceit about Covid and mRNA vaccines. How can they think we are all so stupid? Let us stop and think.

Consider the imperial expansion of Europe which is mostly portrayed as a macho, a superior expression of white personality.

When the Portuguese first set sail for the Americas using Chinese maps there was a scarcity of cash and Christopher Columbus had to go begging among royalty for funds. Several decade later European armadas were infesting Africa? Clearly the wealth generated by the slaughter and genocide of native Americans now funded the invasion of Africa. Wars were about money. With so much gold, Europeans could pay mercenaries to fight for them. Anyone who sought to resist would be the recipient of a massive assault by paid mercenaries. Often European conquest was performed by ethnically local mercenaries. Previously war ended at least once the funds had dried up. But the slaving empires were funded by the unbelievable wealth of the slave plantations.

This produced a truly horrendous cycle of the more money funding slaving expeditions the more mercenaries available for endless war. From the point of view of the anti-slave trade fighters, they expended wealth in fighting against the foreign invaders, but wealth that would not be renewed. It can be seen that this cycle would inevitably lead to conquest unless the source of wealth was destroyed.

The other lesson learnt would be that if Africa could be drained of human beings by the slave trade then the conquest of the African continent would become an easy matter. This then explains the excessive horror attached to the size of the population of China. How could one effect genocide on such a large population? Opium could assist. Kant had made it clear that the wiping out of ALL non-white races was of paramount importance.

However, the modern European population were persuaded to believe that the conquests were simply the inner expression of White superiority and they bought it.

We then have the history of World War 2. In the West, they are taught that the USA won the war. This is even though the US army faced a tenth of the forces faced by USSR . This revision of history has been happily bought by most Europeans (1)

Thus today there was a massive exercise in persuading the population that they needed to be treated by experimental medicine and most people bought it.

The Neo-cons looked at what the population had bought in the past and so were confident they could be persuaded by them to undertake experimental medicine and accept the rewriting of the history of World War 2. If Europeans could be persuaded that ancient Egyptians were white, had travelled far from their homeland, leaving nothing of the great civilization at home only to found it abroad,then they could clearly be persuaded of anything.

Let us return to the opening question: do they think we are all stupid? The neo-cons answer coldly: ‘On the basis of past performance the answer is clearly and boldly : YES.’