[:en]Farmer’s Market[:]

[:en]Well we did say we would cover some trivia!!

I  am a keen fan of farmer’s markets. On Saturday mornings a Farmer’s Market comes to Notting Hill and I have been a supporter for many years now.  I have got to know several of the people there with some affection. I buy some  bread and cakes  from a lady who started her own blog. She is keen about music -n I think called Indy –  and  deeply into ecology issues. Funny aside..when she started her blog (https://girlsfromthegreenstuff.blog) she did not check her by-line and I and some other friends had to tell her that there were some porn sites using her chosen by-line! Queue some rethinking…

I am also keen on raw milk.. the taste is fantastic and the phyto nutrients are all there, anyway enough of the hard sell. The ‘milkman’ is a charming man who a year or so had an argument with one of his bulls. He was badly inured. Queue plenty of beef meals chez lui!


Thank you both for wonderful supplies and chats over the years![:]