[:en]Gallery opening – Royal Photographic Society[:]

[:en]An interesting evening at Royal Photographic Society  International Photography Exhibition 160 awards   1 March.

Because of the weather we are fewer people than normal but it was fun.  These photographs were enticing and captured the imagination. Each series  spoke to some emotional story and conveyed the extra-odinary power of simple photographs. Nothing fancy nothing photoshopped, just demonstrating the power of seeing.

Many of those who attended lived nearby and were unlike myself and a few others not members of the Society but merely interested in photography. Those I spoke to were more enthusiasts than professionals though a couple had produced professional photoshoots. I try to avoid the treacherous topic of camera gear. This is a fruitless dead-end and risks competitive angst.  I remain silent and move on. Sometimes the people at a Gallery opening are as interesting as the art work. Sometimes not.[:]