If you can see ‘white’ people – you are ill!

Sometimes it may be hard to understand cultural genocide, to get a handle on it. When something has become as pervasive as this is it begins to appear normal.

One of the consequences of this cultural genocide is that Black people occasionally recognise something is wrong but locate it in their own skin and seek to get out of their skin. They hypothesise that if I cease to be seen as ‘Black’ I will be free. But this prison is in their own mind. Thus the absurdity of seeking to ‘join’ the ‘whites’ or be accepted by the ‘whites’.

Once one escapes seeing ‘white’ people then one only sees some people behaving badly or sometimes violently. One does not have to alter one’s psychology to be careful in the presence of what may appear to be a mafiosi or a Latin American drug dealer …whatever the colour of their skin. There are subtle absurdities such as Africans treating many East Europeans as ‘white’ who were not treated as ‘white’ by mainstream Europeans.

Consider: do Europeans see ‘white’ people? Of course not! For them that is a category of thought. For many Africans and Black people generally, they can ‘see’ white people. In reality, Black police officers working for an Apartheid regime or US states can be as deadly to Black people as any other policeman.

So here is your litmus test: If you can see ‘white’ people you are ill and suffering from cultural genocide. Stop asking other people to stop seeing you as ‘Black’ when you see them as ‘white’ which is where the problem lies. Untether yourself.