Kingsley Moghalu:    a shill for neo-cons seeking to ruin the Nigerian economy

Kingsley Moghalu:    a deep shill for neo-cons and the ruining of the Nigerian economy

Moghalu first of all shows himself to be a shallow thinker. He talks of US as based on freedom and liberty when as an African he ought to know it was based on slavery. He talks about replacing political appointees with technical specialists. This of course raises a question: technical people are also prisoners of political agendas. What we are looking for is politically informed technical specialists and technically informed politicians. He talks of France and the French Revolution and suggested that the ideas of the French Revolution was produced by the mass of the people rather than taken up by the people. 

His comments on population were quite inhumane and scandalous. People should only have children if they can afford them. So only the rich and middle class are entitled to have children !! He makes no reference to the fact that China and Japan and many other countries including Germany and France have declining population. China and Japan are seeking to increase their population and not succeeding.

He also recommends Nigeria should take an IMF loan. Here he says  the country is already doing what the IMF wamt so nigeria might as well take the loan. 


Lets expose him as a neo-con shill and puppet of our financial oligarchs. Part of the conservative US agenda is to reduce the population of Africa. The other part of the US agenda is to use loans to strip the economies of Africa through forced asset sales.  Rather astonishingly he seek more loans but these loans will encourage graft as explained in our earlier piece:

He is simply playing the role of escape valve expressing anger about the establishment but not proposing any real change. The most important issue according to Kingsley Moghalu is driving Nigerian cars and cutting entourages! This is not serious!! The most important issue is driving Nigerian cars… this is low level political play. And if to hammer home his point he says he is not a politician though he ran for President!!!

Thank goodness for Rufai Oseni whose simple questions revealed the shallowness of Moghalu’s ponitificating.