Krasner’s Philadelphia: Lynching and Police killing as human sacrifice

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Larry Krasner has an excellent pedigree and must be puzzled as to what he is dealing with. Why does this behavior keep repeating itself even on camera?

One of the issues around police violence and lynching is to understand the phenomenon.  What was the purpose for lynching and why did  certain people feel that it was  a valuable activity. To argue that it was racism is a circular argument revealing nothing, explaining nothing.

In the Philadelpha link we have video of white man being hustled to the ground while offering no resistance, but in a similar situation a Black man would be shot. Ah, you say , it is racism … but that does not explain anything.

On 19 October at  a meeting of the Aristotelian Society (Britain’s leading philosopher’s association) this issue came up.  Professor Tommy Curry initially challenging the idea that racism did not exist. I had argued that race and racism did not exist. Specifically just because people were being burnt  as witches did not prove the existence of witches. If a police officer were to shoot Prof Curry because he was Black that would not prove the existence of race or racism. 50 million Black people were massacred in Argentina between 1850 and 1855.  That does not prove the existence of race or racism. SOMETHING ELSE IS GOING ON!!

If we look at the police killing of Black people in US, and its continuation during the protests and the involvement of non-white police officers  the facts scream out: SOMETHING ELSE IS GOING ON! If we look at the photos from the 1930’s of the faces of white women watching a lynching in US one sees religious rapture. SOMETHING ELSE IS GOING ON!

One candidate for part of what is and has been happening is HUMAN SACRIFICE.

What we have  here is a modernised human sacrifice,  fully ritualised. Lynching had its rituals and so do these police killings. Human sacrifice is engaged in as a way to speak to hidden powers, the gods, to safeguard a way of life and protect against those that would change it. Black people want to change  the system and are perceived to be a threat to the system. While explicit lynching is somewhat de passe these days  not engaging in human sacrifice will lead to the displeasure of hidden powers who will no longer protect one’s ways of life. So the more they, Black people  and their friends, protest the more one must sacrifice to the gods to protect our ways of life they believe. The ‘they ‘ here are not just police but an entire structure of American society. No one can believe that if the US establishment wanted to stop these police killings they could not do it over night.

One would be interested to follow up whether it can be shown that the more stress there is against a way of life in the US the greater the energy towards human sacrifice. Both Covid-19 and the post 2008 economy- the health and financial pandemics – would be test cases for greater human sacrifice.

Lynching and police brutality are simply the American ways of human sacrifice. Welcome to USA.