Maverick Media:  South Africa’s agents for a foreign power?

Tim Cohen: Chief Editor.

We wrote earlier about Maverick groups attitude to social and economic inequality in South Africa. We noted their failure to reply despite their faux liberal concern for the poor. SA is the world’s worst in terms of inequality and it has not moved in 30 years. (Note 1)

But the general trend of Maverick is revealed by its story:

“CT mayor lambasts Russian ‘moral disgrace’ by Tiara Walters” 8 Feb 23. No interview of the other side or alternative viewpoints. Given this, how does Tim Cohen, Chief Editor, justify the headline? Given SA’s close relationship to Russia how does one justify this headline? Is this journalism or low propaganda.

If a South African company is subject to allegations of tax fraud in Nigeria, South Africa’s social media  claims this is all a matter of corruption in Nigeria.  Social media is hot on SA government corruption and warm on business corruption if it also discredits African governments but totally silent about corruption within the social media spaces. It even runs stories about ‘restoring Democracy’ as if South Africa had any history of modern formal ‘democracy’ to restore.

This is a matter for media and social media policy. A continuous drip-drip of insinuations  will affect public opinion. Then when a crisis emerges the tools of social media will come into play and stoke hysteria for a particular side. This kind of social media is classified as ‘munitions’. It is a weapon and it is being used against Africa. In the past, we would look at who funds an organisation to reveal its agenda. This can now be concealed with funding washed through cover organisations. If we look at the funders for Maverick we find George Soros’ ‘Open Society Foundation’. Maverick’s anti-Russia policy is now explained.

Commercial revenue can also be deceptive as overseas funders can pay for apparent ‘advertising’.

This altogether suggests that the Maverick group is an agent for a foreign power and a social media outlet for a drip-drip campaign against African autonomy. Soros Foundations’ role in subverting democracy and promoting ‘color revolutions’ is well known. 



2 April 23