Nigeria ignores Catholic child abuse

ex Cardinal

Front page news: The Pope dismisses a US cardinal from the priesthood! WSJ reports that after a report documented decades of clerical abuse the Catholic hierarchy has chosen to act.

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A more interesting question for Africans is the almost total absence of convictions or public allegations in Africa. Given the long history of the Catholic church in Africa and the role of European priests it beggars the imagination that the same priests who misbehaved in US or England behaved entirely correctly in Africa where they were further from scrutiny.

Even casual enquiry reveals numerous stories of abuse but neither the Catholic Church nor civil society appear to have any stomach to defend African children.  Any review of the trauma inflicted on children and its lifelong damage would not treat this as a minor matter to be swept under the carpet.

According to Wikipedia only in 2 African countries did minor abuse occur though journalist noted how swiftly any allegation was closed off.

This is outrageous and a big stain on civil society – evidence that even African civil society is infected with deep corruption and will only go after targets that its funders approve.

US investigators have identified decades of abuse. Meanwhile silence in Africa. Shame on African civil society and shame on African journalism.