Peter Lavelle and Martin Jay: Putin, Putinmania and the new world order

There is a misunderstanding in Martin Jay’s view of Putin. In a western view of the world there is the West in leadership and the USA sees Russia and China as challenging the USA in leadership. This view is itself also embedded in the Western neo-con view of the world. It is simply a reverse view.

This is NOT the new world order. History is changing and history is witnessing the decline of the USA. Jay’s view that Putin feels romantic about Europe and regrets the failure to work together with Europe is a mishearing. NO NO NO! Jay also sees the new world order as embodying the Global South…NO NO NO!

The historic change is a historic change of the whole world, the new world order is exactly that …new WORLD order, and not new Global south. Jay sees Putin as leading these changes. NO NO NO! Putin is not making these changes, not responsible for the change but is part of the change. But back in the US the neo-cons see the changes as the direct result of either Russia or China’s deliberate actions, as if Russia and China were controlling history! It is in this light that the US attempt to hold back history by attacking Russia or China is tilting at windmills. Neither Russia nor China are directly causing these changes. Rather, they are riding on the waves of history.

Putin never claimed credit for the changes in history. Jay should avoid suggesting that Putin made such claims or claimed to be leading these changes. These changes are not under anyone’s control so we all have to tread carefully. No one is in complete control. For the rest of us, we are witnessing the great waves of history.