Sovereignty vs Democracy?  Biden’s  imperial policy

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27 March 2022

US foreign policy has been expressed in terms of spreading democracy around the world. There is silence around the matter of sovereignty. Is democracy compatible with sovereignty? Democratic Party in the US has acknowledged that democracy can be corrupted in such a way as to undermine sovereignty. It is not relevant what position one takes on Russiagate. The allegation is that Russia took steps as an external power to subvert the election in the US. 

This acknowledgement is not taken sufficiently seriously.  Cambridge Analytica played a well documented role in the Brexit  vote. It had already influenced elections in the Caribbean and elsewhere. If a country as powerful as US could be influenced, even as a matter of theory, by manipulation of social media what does that say for smaller less powerful countries? Prior to the world of social media, the US influenced  other countries’ elections by funding different parties and manipulating the financial markets to affect the economies. Victoria Nuland stated that the US spent $5 billion to influence the Ukraine elections. (Note 1 )

Effectively saying that support for the US preferred candidate will lead to improved economic future due solely to US discretion.

Many countries believe their sovereignty is more important than democracy. This is a position that the Democratic Party in the US has already taken.

All this leads to one conclusion: US wishes to spread democracy because it believes it can manipulate such countries better and therefore subvert their sovereignty to US interests. US invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan are clearly violations of the sovereignty of these countries under the guise of bringing democracy. No mention of sovereignty in the war propaganda.

This raises an interesting question: if US sovereignty was at stake how much curtailment of democracy would be accepted?

Biden has explicitly said that Putin ‘cannot remain in power’. Regardless of later  White House clarifications, this is regime change. US policy has revealed the iron fist within thin the velvet gloves.

iNews reported on 26 March 2022: 

‘Mr Haass, who is president of the US Council on Foreign Relations, tweeted his concerns that Mr Biden had “just expanded US war aims, calling for regime change”.

“However desirable it may be, it is not within our power to accomplish – plus runs risk it will increase Putin’s inclination to see this as a fight to the finish, raising odds he will reject compromise, escalate, or both,” he added.’ (Note 2)

We have previously pointed out the connection to China. It remains astonishing that the US, currently sanctioning China quite severely, expects China to support US sanctions on Russia. To threaten China with sanctions if it does not support US sanctions on Russia is breathtaking. As if China does not see itself as next on the list. Ukraine is a situation where China can help create an environment to withstand US sanctions which it might have to use itself in the near future.  At the moment they can watch what the US might do and make appropriate preparations. As Jack Rasmus has clearly indicated on 26 March 22:

‘This proxy war in Ukraine is not at all about freedom or democracy. That’s just bullshit propaganda. It’s about money and power. It’s about restoring US imperial hegemony over Europe, breaking Russia as a global challenger to the US, and a dress rehearsal for then going after China.’ ( Note 3)


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