‘The Economist’ dog-whistle hypocrisy on a grand scale!

On 9 July, in a piece entitled: ‘Segregation still blights the lives of African-Americans’ The Economist wrote:

“If something isn’t done, and done in a hurry, to bring the coloured peoples of the world out of their long years of poverty, their long years of hurt and neglect, the whole world is doomed,” Martin Luther King Jr told striking workers the day before he was shot dead in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1968 black Americans had only just realised formal legal equality after two centuries of slavery and one of Jim Crow, indentured servitude, lynchings and enforced residential segregation. They had been deliberately excluded from economic supports such as Social Security, mortgage guarantees and subsidised college for veterans. As a result, black American households earned around 60% of what white households did, and the typical black family had less than 10% of the assets of a typical white family.’   

This  all sounds very progressive until you understand the role of racism in Western society.  One of the major roles of racism is to divide society and keep the White poor and now also White middle class  in their place.  Studies have been done showing how effective this has been and that it is the main cause of the lower unionisation in US compared to Europe.

From the days of Adam Smith the mantra to Whites has been … no matter how poor and miserable you think you are, you are better off than Blacks.  Adam Smith said that the poorest English worker was better off than an African king. This absurdity was repeated recently by The Economist when they ran a piece stating that the poorest white American was better off than the richest Tanzanian! The amount of data fraud (aka  lying) required to do this was astonishing  and when the Editor was notified they did nothing. Absolutely nothing. They did not deny it, did not correct it. ‘The Economist’ has not subscribe to the journalists’ self -regulatory bodies that would require prompt corrections of errors. Frankly, this means ‘The Economist’ can be a fake news site at no risk.

Returning to our main issue: what to many liberal minded readers  may sound progressive at first must be seen as a reinforcement of the fundamental racist message: however bad it is for you poor and middle class whites it is far worse for Blacks so keep quiet.

A younger generation has seen through this and are now storming the streets in support of BLM as they realise their interests are not served by supporting the oppression of Black people. Our liberal readers MUST recognise this dog whistle tactic of shedding crocodile tears for Black people is part of the system of racist signalling and call it out!!!