[:en]Tim Ogunlesi’s wedding 29-30 Sep17[:]

[:en]My good friend Folabi Ogunlesi was holding the wedding of his son Tim in London with his brother Bayo Ogunlesi as guest of honour.

Bayo and Folabi Ogunlesi

(Note 1)Tim is a wonderful young man and the wedding was an exhilirating affair. I have not before  seen a bride actually jumping for joy… and well she might! Weddings for Nigerians are special occasions but here we had a Nigerian- Scottish affair. The ‘Engagement’ , held at the magnificent  Dutch Hall, Austin Friars in City of London, the name for the traditional Nigerian marriage ceremony which binds the two families was performed largely in Yoruba dress, while the ‘white wedding’  held at Holy Trinity, Brompton which covers the marriage under civil law had plenty of Scottish accents.

Bayo with family friends

A wonderful choir (of which the bride was a member) sang for them at the church.

Bride’s choir members singing for her

After the wedding ceremony, the bride was piped out of the Church and several Nigerian children could be seen sporting kilts.

kilted Nigerian page boys

Groom and bride met at Edinburgh university and friends from university days were evident everywhere and all in high spirits.

Apart from many important Nigerians  there was a strong contingent from Aberdeen to represent the bride’s family.

Lets wish them a very happy married life. Not many children will boast of a family that includes so many professors, senior medical consultants, lawyers, bankers and a Goldman Sachs lead director. Quite a bit for her children to live up to!!!


  1. Bayo Ogunlesi is power house in the business world. Aside from being chairman and managing partner of a private equity firm Global Infrastructure Partners that bought Gatwick Airport,  he is also  Lead Director of Goldman Sachs. President Trump invited him together with other top US business leaders to be on his advisory council- the Strategic and Policy Forum  which Trump abruptly disbanded.
  2. Folabi Ogunlesi is an important medical professional playing a  great role in reforming the medical policies in Nigeria. Reforming policy in Nigeria takes determination and strong nerves which Folabi has in spades.