[:en]Trevor Manuel at Winnie Mandela ‘s funeral – great hypocrisy[:]

[:en]Trevor Manuel made a rabble rousing speech at Winnie Mandela’s funeral. His heart went out to the poor and outcasts of South Africa and he did not hesitate to point figures and mention names. It is not normal to use someone else’s funeral to launch one’s own new political agenda,having previously announced his retirement from politics.(Note 1) It dishonours the dead. Winnie’s funeral should have been about her not about Trevor Manuel’s  new political ambitions. He mentions her name only to wrap himself in her glory.


But who is Trevor Manuel? Though lacking any formal training in finance or economics (Note 2) he became Minister of Finance.  He is the Finance Minister who agreed that the new South Africa should be saddled with Apartheid South Africa’s war debts. Recall that the United States did not honour the Confederate debt and let holders of those bonds  sing for their money. But poor South Africa will have to pay the war debts of the racist South African apartheid regime to save the hides of those foreign bankers who financed apartheid.

For this treasonous act Trevor Manuel was  feted by the world’s major  financial institutions, lionised by the IMF and  honoured as their financial saviour by many foreign banks. No other country has paid the war debt of their oppressor. This was a  treasonous act. Given the history of South Africa these words are chosen with deliberation.

It would be interesting to have an investigation into the scale of largesse granted to Trevor Manuel for his favours to Western banking. Why even be tempted with corruption when mighty banks pay you large bonuses above the board? From this high position he can look down on small men struggling by whatever means they can. From this high position he can turn his nose up at Winnie’s funeral at all the people allegedly behaving  self interestedly.


So we have here a treasonous tool of foreign institutions making use of Winnie Mandela’s funeral to launch his  despicable political campaign. Frankly, I could vomit at  any moment…




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Trevor Manuel to retire from South Africa politics

2. ” In 1992 Manuel became the head of the ANC’s Department of Economic Planning. Due to the fact that he lacks formal education in economics he had to rapidly become familiar with key issues” http://overcomingapartheid.msu.edu/people.php?id=65-251-D5