TRUMP – Dry Run for general represssion

There appears to be  a lot of commentators who are asleep at  the wheel lately.

What is happening in the US is a dangerous rerun of the past. In Chicago & Detroit many years ago during a  severe crash the  corporations laid off  their black workers under cruel and severe conditions. The White workers showed no solidarity. Clearly they thought that it was better for them to keep their jobs and for the black workers to take the hit. But shortly afterwards the same firms laid of the white workers under similar but not quite so harsh terms. – but far worse terms than if the workers had all stood together.

Today the white middle class  are being pushed towards the working class as society splits into the 1% and everyone else. On the horizon is the end of economic support for the wageles and others. What will happen when large numbers of unfed and unemployed white people hit the streets? These unemployed white working class also affect the jobs of he white middle class. Their businesses are dependent on demand  and demand will fall. Either  the middle class are employed by big corporations and the wave of redundancy will hit the middle class or they run small and medium sized business which will close because of falling demand.

Clearly the 1% and the big corporates will be in fear about social unrest.

Enter the Federal troops in Portland. 


This is far less about the BLM and more about reassuring big corporates and the 1% that social unrest will be dealt with vigorously.

By creating social divisions Trump also makes the risk of coalitions against the new repression less likely. The alt.right may be frightened of the rise of BLM, but the corporates are much more frightened about white people in general creating coalitions and starting to revolt – that really is a fear point.

This is a risk of repression coming to a city near you – and coming soon!