US Neo-Cons: the Jim Jones Moment?

Rev Jim Jones

Jim Jones led a religious movement that ended in mass suicide. Initial reports suggested that  Jim Jones led a solely Black congregation with the silent implication that these Black people were just dumb idiots who would commit suicide if a white leader told them to. Though Jim Jones was anti-racist, his congregation was not exclusively or majority Black.

Jim Jones had fervent dreams of bringing about a better world and was driven by these dreams. Self-awareness was not one of his strong points and he manifested many human failings, which were by no means unique to him or his ministry.

US neo-cons are driven by their dreams and the less the world agrees the more determined they are to try and bring them about. Just as with Jim Jones, the more the world disagreed the more they are called to stick to the faith. Just as with Jim Jones, the US neo-cons believe that if they only stick with the faith then even at the final moment divine providence will come to their succour. In the event that the help does not come, it will be because the divine requires the ultimate sacrifice.

US neo -cons have the ultimate faith which is a mighty thing. Regretfully, they are taking the rest of us for their ride. This situation gives the term ‘off-ramp’ a totally different meaning.