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African century journal   ISSN 2514-5673

I am a man, nothing human is alien to me‘ – Terence the African.

This peer-reviewed journal was started in 1999 at the dawn of the 21st Century


We are now up to date with the December 2021 issue.

This issue takes a close look at some of the work of Frank Snowden. His virulent anti-Afrocentrism leads him, like Gates and Appiah, to violate some basic academic protocols. One article focusses on a single sentence, to reveal the depths of misunderstanding revaeled in the hidden assumptions. It also reveals the breaches of evidence and academic protocols involved.

It would not be a surprise if Snowden’s attitude to Afrocentrism and Blacks in history generally, which may have dominated the Classics department,  alienated the student population so that no one wanted to major in classics. General press comment focussed on the plans of Howard University to close the Classics Department. No one asked what the department had done to seem irrelevant to the university’s student body and why over many years it had not made changes to make the deprtment more attractive and relevant to their lives. In any other university such a conundrum, no one taking majors in an important subject, would have been met with modernisation and updating of the curriculum. An absence of students is a vote. Only the arrogant could ignore it for so many years. If a curriculum at a HBU (Historically Black University) on literature avoided important Black isues and any Black authors there would be an immediate adjustment of the curriculum. It would not be concluded that students did not like literature. None of the major press that complained asked such basic questions. That itself is revealing. Elsewhere we had written that any ‘Classics’ department in an HBU that did not include Ancient Egypt and Ancient China was irrelevant and deserved to be closed.

We also include an article  by Cecil Gutzmore defending Walter Rodney from defenestration.

September 2021 issue.

A partial recovery from Covid induced disruption, this issue has 6 articles ranging from Egyptology to BCW

June 2021 issue.

A little known outpost of neo-liberalism is evolutionary psychology. Apart from being erroneous, the theory has the potential of corrupting the core of human life and intimacy and should be fought.

 March 2021 issue. 

Covid-19 has impacted us all. This issue is focused on aspects of BCW in history, in particular the fake news about the siege of Kaffa that has had a disastrous influence in modn western history. Any suggestion that fake news is a recent phenomenon needs to be dispelled. Understanding how lies were told in the past and how they served the interest of power to gain public support for what would otherwis be vehemently rejected is an urgent lesson for today.

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