Dmitry Babich: the neo-cons enter the kill zone

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Dmitry Babich finally hit the nail on the head in his discussion on RT on 10 October 2022 where he quotes Stephen Walt. Walt identifies the Ukraine war as part of an internal battle within the US policy establishment. Walt argues, according to Babich, that success in Ukraine (defeat for Russia) would make the neo-cons uncontrollable in their global ambitions.

To this end, the moderates and realists in the US policy establishment have a deep, vested interest in the failure of the Ukraine expedition. If we then examine the performance of US special operations there is a puzzle. We see the US seek to blow up the Nordstream pipeline but fail to do a thorough job. Next, the attempt to blow up the Kerch bridge is bungled. This is all too suspiciously the action of enemies of the neo-cons. We end up in a dance where the Russians have to ensure that no action of theirs would weaken or offend the anti-neo-cons. These people have more powerful weapons than the Russians or any military force. Though I am not a fan of Clausewitz I am content to quote him saying that war is the continuation of politics by other means and I have always been a firm believer in the primacy of the political.

Here, the deliberate sabotage of the neo-con plans has to be carefully crafted and not be too obvious. No doubt the neo-cons are aware of internal pushback as they are becoming more desperate by the day. We witness daily the incredible vicious suppression of dissent.

At this point, the writing is on the wall. All opposition now know the neo-con’s desperation. All can smell their fear. Its stench is in the air. All now know of the need for secrecy and a careful dance. All now know that this is a fight to the finish. A few weeks ago many in opposition sought to vent their frustration publicly. Now they know. But politicians like Berlusconi, and there are many like him, have all the skills required to move silently, in wordless co-ordination, for the kill.

These US neo-cons have more to fear from their allies and colleagues than from Putin and Russia. Putin knows this and has to dance with care. No words must be spoken. No words are required.

21 October 22