Nordstream: seen as a ‘mafia hit’

There is a problem with the anti-war lobby. They do not wish to believe their eyes. It appears that in their hearts they want to believe that the US at its roots is rational in pursuit of its interests. Therefore arguments about national interests could have traction if only enough people could see matters clearly. If they had to accept that ‘rational interest’ did not have traction then they would have to start considering the US as a sinister empire or something darker which may or may not be able to change through discussion or negotiation. This empire may or may not have popular support. There may be a majority of citizens who would prefer not to know too much. There is a saying that it is not nice to see how a sausage is made. Just eat it. There is a functional and hysterical resistance to a possibly unpalatable truth about the US and the West.

Let me explain: The bombing of Nordstream is reported as the US lying, and this behaviour is described as shameless. They protest and protest. But look at this more carefully. If you look at this as a Mafia hit then much reveals itself. In the case of a Mafia hit people must know who did it and why. If the competing Don1 is killed in a genuine accident it has no meaning politically. It has to be known that the competing Don2 took him out for it to encourage changing of sides etc. Thus while the Mafia Don2 denies responsibility he has to do it in an unconvincing manner. Thus the Nordstream explosion.

If the Nordstream gas pipeline was destroyed by an earthquake there would be no political consequence It would be seen as a merely financial matter.

Will the anti-war opposition please wake up?