MFA Boston back in the ‘racism’ cross hairs

african exhibit at MFA

Boston Museum  appears not to have learnt anything or taken steps to root out racism in its institution since our earlier commentary. We had thought our previous report of their absurd  commentary that ancient Royal Egyptians got their dark skins from working outside in the sun may have been a one-off to be dealt quietly and circumspectly.

We now learn that racism is rather endemic at the Museum. A teacher took her class to the Museum only for them to suffer racial abuse. The students were abused by visitors …one even saying: ’there’s f…. Black kids in the way ..’ , staff members allowed whiet students to touch exhibits but forbade Black kids,  and the children were treated in an unwelcoming manner by being closely tailed by security throughout their visit. Their teacher reported this on her facebook page:

MFA Boston leadership has publicly responded:

‘The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s recently adopted Strategic Plan, MFA 2020, came with a commitment to renew our invitation, welcome, and engagement of audiences that reflect the diversity of our city. As we work to grow our community, we need to be sure that everyone feels welcome here—we want this to be your museum…….

We want to apologize specifically to the students, faculty, and parents of the Davis Leadership Academy. We deeply regret any interactions that led to this outcome and are committed to being a place where all people trust that they will feel safe and treated with respect. ‘

This statement is strong, forthright and welcome. However perhaps they should also consider looking into the academic staff and content as the racism is widespread throughout this organisation.