Sailing …..

Sailing in the Solent …what a joy! It’s been quite a while. I have done 2 Fastnets and one Caribbean 600 and many late nights on watch. Seadog.

There is a marvellous sense of being in touch with primal nature – others call it the weather but also sea  wind and oneself.

We were sailing along the Solent with  an overnight stay on the Isle of Wight.

Sailing with my friends at London Corinthians Sailing Club

[:en]Robyn Griffith-Jones[:]

There is our Skipper Robyn surveying the scene before a tack …

There is a marvellous mystery to the sea which creates a sense of comradeship among mariners when we meet. It also creates a sense of a bond when one imagines mariners of old doing mind bendingly courageous (dangerous) expeditions. There is a wonderful sense of straightforwardness…. The sea does not lie, you were  not listening!

Later …