Trump & the FBI raid

Many US commentators seem to have lost all their scepticism. Their biases are so obvious in seeking any explanation. If the warrant states they are looking for documents these naive commentators assume this is genuine as opposed to the possible fact that this may be the only way to justify the warrant.

Most spectacular is the general response to the leak that the FBI was using information from an inside source. Almost everyone seems to think this proves there is a mole in Trump’s team. Naive. How does one tempt the FBI to do something truly stupid? If the informant was playing a double game he would be the ideal person to tell the FBI that  just the incriminating documents they needed  was there, perhaps in the safe and that Trump was planning on moving them. It had to be something that in the FBI officer’s minds would justify the raid. All that the Trump team require is that nothing be there. Further, if the FBI had an inside source the FBI just burned him/her – which is highly unprofessional. If the inside source burned them first they are simply involved in public information warfare against Trump’s organisation who themselves obviously know the source burned the FBI as planned. As I said earlier this is ‘deep, dark and dangerous’. Amateurs need not apply.

On 10 Aug I wrote: ‘This in-fighting within the US establishment is now so dark and so bitter that under normal circumstances one would expect to see some dead bodies’. I did not need to wait long. The very next day 11 Aug 22 Ricky Shiffer attempted to attack an FBI office and was subsequently shot dead. (Note 1)