Trump’s Mar A Lago event: deep, dark and dangerous

This is a real internal US war and the players are some of US best tactical minds. With Jan 6 investigation creating a negative narrative and the possibilities of that narrative getting darker, Trump supporters had to do something. But here is the kicker ..these are not directly Trump supporters but anti-Biden and anti- neocons.

We are faced with the neo-cons seeking to poison the wells, then creating a narrative that the US is beset by enemies and a two-front war as an inheritance to the next administration. One master move of the anti-neocons is to discredit the independence of the administration of Justice. The search and seizure at Trump’s home has now made the administration openly political for all to see and completely discredits the US Justice Department. No one can take the independence of the Biden Justice Department seriously. That means that any conclusion from Jan 6 enquiry is already discredited.

Even those who suggested the raid have the cover that they were over-eager in their anti-Trump sentiments. This move took some careful thought.

This in-fighting within the US establishment is now so dark and so bitter that under normal circumstances one would expect to see some dead bodies, some unexpected accidents. This is the equivalent of hand-to-hand fighting in the streets of Washington. In terms of dark underhand manoeuvres, the neo-cons may have met their match.

10 August 2022